Weekly Picks: Transparency in Malt, Meat, and Delivery Supply Chains

This week HRN's shows shed light on convoluted supply chains. Get a breakdown of the scandal with Belcampo beef, explore the world of craft malt, and tune into an investigation of the cur...


Brendon Rockey, Rockey Farms

Brendon Rockey is a third generation farmer from Center, CO.  He is currently managing the farm that his Grandpa started in 1938, and he is returning to the same fundamentals that the far...


Growing The Flock - America's Sheep/Goat Entrepreneurs

This episode of The Whole Shebang, hosted by John Wilkes: Growing The Flock - America's Sheep/Goat Entrepreneurs. Guests include Robert Irwin, Brittany Cole Bush and Emily Chamlin.


Peasants' Plot

Julia and Todd met in 2002 around a barbecue in the backyard of a Chicago apartment. Todd revealed his "not very ambitious" desire to become an organic vegetable farmer. They married in 2...


Water Management

Water management is a serious issue - one that affects almost everything in the world of agriculture. How can you insure your crops against drought as a farmer? What happens when the rain...


Rio Grande Community Farm

Rio Grande Community Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that farms in Albuquerque on public land (the Los Poblanos Fields Open Space in the North Valley) since 1997.


Week 28

This week on Rooftop Farming with Ben Flanner, Ben checks in with Erin Fairbanks about the end of summer crops, and talks about preparing for fall with cover crops! Learn about the differ...


John Sharpe and the Churro Lamb

John Sharpe is a world-renowned chef at The Turquoise Room and a churro lamb enthusiast. This week on The Farm Report, John calls in to talk with Erin Fairbanks about his storied history ...


Week 7

This week on Rooftop Farming with Ben Flanner, Ben calls in to talk with Erin Fairbanks about transplanting kale and compost. Learn how to transplant seedlings into the ground, and find o...