Chef Todd Richards

Chef Todd Richards is an award-winning chef known for his contemporary cooking style rooted in Soul & Southern cuisines.


The Charcuterie and Cheese Box Boom

The proliferation of preorder cheese and charcuterie boards, boxes, cups, cones, plates since Covid's arrival. Some businesses existed before, others were born during the pandemic.


Interview with Olympia Provision's Founder Elias Cairo

Cara interviews Elias Cairo co-owner and founder of Olympia Provisions, about American charcuterie and what's currently trending in the Salumi world.  


Rethinking Surplus: Innovative Solutions to Excess

Surplus is usually defined as what’s left over when the demand, or need, of a population has been met. However, in the context of the food system, this definition leaves us with more left...


Who cut the CHEESE? The CHEESEisode!

Hey knuckleheads! We’re back and we are the same as ever, with this weeks in depth investigative look at Americas sneakiest food, CHEESE! It’s wet, it’s dry, apparently now sometimes it’s...


An Organic Dairy Coop's Climate Plans

Organic Valley is America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers, representing more than 1,800 farmers in 34 US States, most in dairy. You’ve likely seen their milk, yogurt, and cheeses...


Cara Interviews Erika Kubick of Cheese, Sex, Death

Happy V-day Curd Nerds! Today on the show Cara interviews Erika Kubick, the cheese preacher behind the cheese advocacy company Cheese Sex Death.


Building a Global Supply Chain

Roxana Saidi is the founder of Tache, the first true pistachio milk in the United States.


Rebuilding dairy in Pennsylvania

Aaron DeLong of Pasa Sustainable Agriculture in PA will describe his organizations efforts to recharge and rebuild Pennsylvania's dairy industry


Ron Henningfeld Makes Flavorful Cheeses for Everyday Enjoyment

This is part of a series introducing the Cheeselandia Council, brought to you by Wisconsin Cheese.