Rum If You Want To

Marc Farrell, founder and CEO of Ten to One Rum sits down with the band to talk rum culture, what he has in common with Tony Stark and the future of commerce as we all move into the brave...


Bikes, Bees and Martinis Please!

Gin fan and certified New Yorker Lacy Hawkins joins the band to gab about bees, bikes, the best way to beat the heat with a martini and the benefit of tiny boozy snacks. Oh, and gin I gue...


Beer Turned Whiskies: The Craft Brewers Whiskey Project

This week, Jimmy is introducing Beer Sessions Radio to the Craft Brewers Whiskey Project.


For the Trees

Cachaça pioneer and sustainability beacon Dragos Axinte joins the band to talk distilling, going carbon negative and how Novo Fogo is saving the planet one bottle at a time. 


Little Book, Big Ideas

Eight generation Beam Distiller Freddie Noe joins the band to talk about growing into the family business and how his Little Book series lead to experimentation within that legacy.


A Spirited Discussion About Midwestern Craft Spirits

On today’s show, we will meet a trio of craft spirit makers that are as unique as the drinks they produce.  Nick Nagle brings us to Whiskey Acres, an Illinois-based farm that harvests gra...


Heads, Hearts, and Tails: Where You Cut Matters

Most people think that when you distill a spirit, what comes out of that still goes directly into the bottle.


15 Days to Distill

Many men and women in rural Mexico started learning to make agave spirits when they were 10 or 11 years old, from their parents. Then some learned in two weeks from a bunch of university ...


Brewery 2.0: Craft Spirits, Social Justice

On this episode of Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is joined by Basil Lee, Niko Krommydas, and Andrew Said Thomas.


How Wigle Whiskey Paved the Way for Modern Distilling in Pittsburgh

Meredith Grelli co-founded Wigle Whiskey in 2011, but it took another year to open the doors to the public as she negotiated with Pennsylvania lawmakers to allow on-premise sales in the t...