Building with AI

Adam Epstein is VP of Growth at Perpetua, a software company that helps brands maximize their visability (and sales!) on Amazon, Instacart, and many other e-commerce channels.


Why I’m Starting a 40-Day Social Media and Dating App Cleanse

by Jacqueline Raposo - Writer and host of Love Bites Radio I've kinda sorta really nearly fully had enough. I live a lot of my life out on a computer, and after some serious over-eating, ...


Digital Media Boot Camp for Opening a Restaurant

If you own a restaurant or food business and want to run your social media, marketing and PR on your own - this boot camp episode is for you.


JKL & Jack Recap 2015 – A Year of Tech Bites

The penultimate episode of the year. Tech Bites host Jennifer Leuzzi and engineer/musical director/contributor Jack Inslee, recap the good, the bad and the selfies of 2015.


Social Media Digital Take

It takes more than a traveling chef and great pork buns to conquer the global restaurant and media markets.


Lux Alptraum, Liam McEneaney, & Julia Wertz

This week on Arts & Seizures, host Mike Edison is teamed with guest-host, writer, sex educator, comedian, consultant, and HRN friend Lux Alptraum.


School Food Social Media That Rocks

We kick off the new year with Dayle Hayes, the activist blogger behind "School Meals That Rock," a multi-platform social media campaign that draws attention to news of healthy, delicious,...