Upcycling Spent Grains from Beer to Crackers

This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is following the grains trail from before the beer to way after.


Going with the Grain

By: Ryder Bell


Name That Grain: Excelsior Gold Malting Barley

This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is highlighting a new variety of New York state barley, following it from development at Cornell University to utilization in breweries across NY. ...


Rice Bread and Regional Grains

This week’s episode dives into regional bre


Unearthing New York's Long History of Milling

This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy revisits the question of ‘what came first beer or bread?’ and dives deep into the history of milling.


Going the Extra Mile for Local Malt

Jimmy talks malt with Jeff Lyons of Keg and Lantern and Max Ocean and Zane Coffey, co-founders of Catskill, NY’s Subversive Malting and Brewing.


On The Rise 3: Catching up with Peter Reinhart

To kick off our interviews at On the Rise 3, The International Symposium on Bread, Peter Reinhard sits down to talk about the evolution of “The Future of Bread.” This year, the symposium ...


Sean Brock, Glenn Roberts, Doc Bill Thomas, and Jerome Dixon at CHSWFF18

According to Sean Brock, the first time he smelled Sapelo Island Purple Ribbon Cane Syrup, it reminded him of truffles. Sean, along with Glenn Roberts, Stephen Kresovich, and many others,...


NYC Greenmarket Grain Project with June Russell

On this week's episode of The Farm Report, June Russell joins host Erin Fairbanks to share a bit of what's exciting in the world of grains. June Russell is the Manager of Farm Inspections...