Suck it Up

Oh, suck it up! This week on Ask a Clean Person, Jolie Kerr is ranting and raving on Dyson vacuums with guest Liam McCabe, staff writer for The Sweethome where he covers the wild world of...


A Wicked Mess

Trick or Treat! Jolie Kerr is talking Halloween messes with guest Haley Mlotek on this week's episode of Ask a Clean Person.  Haley is the editor of The Hairpin, which historians will not...


Staining Cats & Dogs

Got cat puke on your carpet? Dog pee on your couch? No worries, Jolie Kerr has you covered.


Smoke Out

So you smell like smoke. Don't worry, Jolie Kerr is here to help! This weeks episode of Ask a Clean Person is for you, smoker. Tune in as she gives some great odor eliminating tips for ge...


Hockey Talk

This week on Ask a Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr is suiting up and heading to the ice with guest Dave Lozo. Dave has covered hockey for NHL.com and Bleacher Report for eight years and he ...


Relieve the Guilt of Using Bleach in Your Kitchen

[audio mp3="https://heritageradionetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Health-Lifestyle-Relieve-the-Guilt-of-Using-Bleach-in-Your-Kitchen.mp3"][/audio]


Stop Swiffering!

Jolie Kerr hates Swiffers. Adam Clark Estes of Gizmodo hates Swiffers. By the time you're done listening to today's episode of Ask a Clean Person, you will too. Tune in as they teach you ...


Lube & Laundry

Got a lube stain on your sheets? Wondering which laundry detergent is the most effective? This week's episode of Ask a Clean Person is for you!


Cum on my Podcast

Jolie Kerr kicks off the fall season of Ask a Clean Person with a doozy of a topic - sex stains. She's joined by Maureen O'Connor, New York Magazine’s sex columnist and a contributor at T...