Indianish with Priya Krishna

Priya Krishna is a freelance writer for publications such as Bon Appetit, New York Magazine and the New York Times. She formerly worked for Lucky Peach.


All About Eggs

On an all new episode of Eat Your Words, host Cathy Erway is joined by Rachel Khong of Lucky Peach magazine to talk about one of the most important foods in the world: eggs!


Bag Juice Blunders

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia are joined by Arielle Johnson of the MIT Media Lab, and food media impresario Peter Meehan to talk Lucky Peach's impending lethal injection...


Who Gives a Truck About an Oxford Comma?

We covered a lot of ground in this week's HRN Happy Hour. Kat and Caity are joined by Jordan Werner, a delightful third wheel if there ever was one. First, we talk about what's going on a...


Peter Meehan of Lucky Peach & HANDS

On this episode of Snacky Tunes we are coming to you live from the release party for Lucky Peach's new issue, "Los Angeles."  Darin Bresnitz sits down with Peter Meehan, the editorial dir...


Josh Ozersky, Sausage Domination, and Shifting Diets

On this episode of Week in Review, Jack and Erin blast through the past week of HRN content! Social media optimization, shifting your diet to save the environment, and a sausage for every...


Lucky Peach Cookbooks

In this episode of Eat Your Words, Cathy talks to Lucky Peach editors Chris Ying and Rachel Khong about their new cookbook, The Wurst of Lucky Peach: A Treasury of Encased Meat.


Sam Sifton, Ida Blue & Binky Griptite

On a jam-packed episode of Sharp & Hot Emily Peterson is first joined by the legendary Sam Sifton, national editor of The New York Times, that newspaper’s former restaurant critic, an...


Peter Meehan & Loose Buttons

Snacky Tunes is back for 2016 as host Greg Bresnitz welcomes Peter Meehan, Editor of Lucky Peach Magazine and musical guest Loose Buttons to the studio.


The Zero Food Print Story

[audio mp3="https://heritageradionetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Zero-Food-Print.mp3"][/audio] By Rachie Weisberg