Live from The Datta Lab (feat. Sandeep Robert Datta, Arielle Johnson, & Harold McGee)

On this week's episode of Olfactory Issues, Dave, Nastassia and The Rest are joined by a supergroup of scientists.



Today on Wiping Issues, Dave shares terrible memories of dentistry and cheesecake and positive memories of Phoenix, Arizona. Nastassia introduces the 'stass clock - the next incredible te...


Koji and Japanese Fermentation

Koji is the national mold of Japan. It is used to make almost all fermented products in Japanese cuisine, such as miso, soy sauce, and sake. Koji is also becoming a culinary keyword latel...


Lick it, Smear it, Make It Moist (feat. Jeremy Umansky and Rich Shih)

In today's pre-recorded episode of Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia talk to Rich Shih and Jeremy Umansky about their new book, Koji Alchemy: Rediscovering the Magic of Mold-Based Fermen...


Koji Alchemy

My guests are Rich Shih and Jeremy Umansky, who just wrote a great book on Koji - the title of which is “Koji Alchemy – Rediscovering the magic of mold-based fermentation”.


"You Are" People (feat. Angela Garbacz, Nick Wong, Mindy Lvoff)

On this episode of Cooking Issues Dave & Nastassia are joined by their friends Angela Garbacz (Goldenrod Pastries), Nick Wong (UB Preserve), & Mindy Lvoff.


Born to Preserve the Koji Culture

Our guest today is Koichi Higuchi of Higuchi Matsunosuke Shoten in Osaka, Japan. His business is to provide koji starters to manufacturers of traditional fermented foods in Japan, such as...


MOLD Magazine, "Designing the Future of Food"

On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we're backing LinYee Yuan, founder of


Mold Magazine & Kid Wave

We meet up with LinYee Yuan, founding editor of the food design and technology magazine,


Fantastic Misos and How to Make Them

This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, Mary, Chris and Rachel are joined by Rich Shih, a mechanical engineer by trade whose passion is kitchen experimentation. When a friend suggested he work with...