Generations of Makers, Growers, and Chefs

From bakers to wine makers, chefs and farmers, these episodes trace food back along its generational roots and celebrate the third, fourth, fifth - even eighth - generation sons and daugh...


Fall in Love With Oaxaca

On this episode, Aarón and Zarela welcome Bricia Lopez for a love letter to the food and culture of Oaxaca. Bricia and her siblings run Guelaguetza, the restaurant her father started 27 y...


Family Business First: Bricia Lopez

Anyone who grew up in a family business understands that it's family business first, and then family second.


A Mexican Cheese Board

This week Zarela and Aarón welcome their friend Paula Lambert, founder of The Mozzarella Company, to guide them through the world of Mexican cheese.


Praise the Lard

On this episode, Zarela and Aarón welcome their first return guest to the show - Anne Mendelson. Anne is an unbelievable resource, a culinary  historian and author who co-wrote three cook...


Birria from Jalisco to Chicago

On this episode Zarela and Aarón are thrilled to present another parent-child duo who dedicate their lives to preserving their culture through food.


Mole Through the Generations

In this Season 2 premiere of Cooking in Mexican from A to Z, Zarela & Aarón explore the layered flavors and history of mole. There is a different mole for every palate and protein, fr...


A Smoked Chile Tutorial

Today Zarela & Aarón welcome Dona Abramson, long-time Operations Manager  at Kalustyuns in Manhattan, to talk about Smoked Chiles.


The Complexity of Chocolate

Today Zarela and Aarón welcome Andy Coe, author and scholar of culinary history, to discuss cacao and chocolate. They start with the history; how it was first consumed as a drink, and the...


Crafting Layers of Flavor with Chile Colorado

On today's episode Zarela and Aarón have the studio all to themselves as they discuss Chile Colorado (the pepper, rather than the dish that shares its name). They walk home cooks through ...