What's Peter Kim up to?

Peter Kim grew up in the midwest with his Korean born parents, that meant having a whole fridge dedicated to Kimchi (sounds pretty great) Later he lived in rural Cameroon among other plac...


Ramen Forever – An Artist’s Guide To Ramen

Our guest is Yarrow Lazer-Smith, a.k.a. Yarrow Slaps who is a visual artist and hip-hop musician as well as the co-director of SWIM Gallery in San Francisco.    


Comfort Food: A Source of Solace Around the World

We are living through uncertain and unprecedented times. What better way to find a bit of escape and solace than through food? Comfort food is a broad concept that means different things ...


Todd Richards on ATL Restaurants, Civil Rights, and Covid-19

There's no one better to speak on the current moment in history than our dear friend, Todd Richards. A restaurateur and chef based in Atlanta, Todd has been in the middle of simultaneous ...


Bringing Japanese Ramen Concepts to New York

We talk about the experience of bringing popular ramen concepts from Japan to New York. For both Tonchin and Ichiran, highly regarded ramen restaurants from Japan, NYC was the first desti...


Ramen Noodles 101

by Pauline Munch With today's growing appetite for ramen, the demand for fresh noodles in the New York City area is higher than ever. Ramen noodles are unique because of their low water c...


Oisa Ramen: "I Am Just A Mom Who Cares To Give Her Best."

Our guest is Moe Kuroki who is the chef/owner of Oisa Ramen in Boston. The aspiring artist from Japan found her creative stage at her own ramen shop where she calls "a home to everyone". ...


What's in a Name?

Milk. Ramen. Cider. Tiki. This week, we have four stories about the history, controversy, and sentimentality behind names – those words we say often, but rarely stop to fully consider. ...