Weekly Picks: Building Equity Across the Food System

Organizers, executives, chefs, and restaurant owners come together across HRN’s network this week to discuss issues of fairness - from workers’ rights to representative CPG brands.  ...


Zoe Adjonyoh: Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

Join us for a conversation with Zoe Adjonyoh, chef, author and food justice activist from London.


Jenny Dorsey: Catching Up

Join cohosts Vallery and Ethan for a catch-up with former Why Food? cohost Jenny Dorsey. Jenny is a professional chef, author and speaker specializing in multi-platform storytelling fusin...


A New Kind of Restaurant Critic: Soleil Ho

When Soleil Ho was hired to be the new restaurant critic at the San Francisco Chronicle, she was replacing someone who had held the role for 32 years.


Queer the Table Live

This is a broadcast version of last month's Queer the Table Live event, in partnership with the Hetrick Martin House.


Jesse Szewczyk: Pride Cooking

Join cohosts Vallery and Ethan for a conversation with Jesse Szewczyk, food writer and author of the cookbook Tasty Pride!


Rochelle Oliver: New Food Media

Join cohosts Vallery and Ethan for a conversation with Rochelle Oliver, founder and editor of, an online magazine about food, culture and the Caribbean.


Stephen Satterfield: From wine to Whetstone

Join Vallery and Ethan for a conversation with Stephen Satterfield, cofounder of Whetstone Magazine.


Kevin Mitchell is Writing the Book on Southern Food at Slow Food Nations 2019

After his second cooking demo at Slow Food Nations (his first was partially rained-out), Chef Kevin Mitchell sat down with Kat Johnson to talk about food of the African Diaspora, the new ...