Scandinavian, Germanic and Northern European Influences on Midwestern Foodways

This week's episode showcases the culinary traditions of Scandinavian, Germanic and Northern European immigrants into the American Midwest.


Meet Ashley Rose Young

This week, on Inside Julia’s Kitchen, host Todd Schulkin speaks with Dr. Ashley Rose Young, the Historian of the American Food History Project at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Amer...


The Value of Julia’s Kitchen

On this week’s episode of Inside Julia’s Kitchen, we’re re-visiting the voices from last fall’s Smithsonian Food History Weekend to talk about Julia’s Kitchen, the inspiration for our sho...


The Bugs Are Back In Town

By Ariama Long Ants are crunchy. Crickets are nutty. And spoiler alert: scorpions are uncharacteristically salty. Before we get too far down the reminiscent taste road, let me tell you ho...


Critic on Critic Plus A Musical Turkey Hunt

This week on the Joshua David Stein Variety Hour... Half Hour, host Joshua David Stein is talking critic on critic on critic.


Michael Dimin on Sustainable Fishing

Michael Dimin is in the business of sustainable seafood. On this week's installment of Straight, No Chaser, Michael joins Katy Keiffer in studio to talk about the organization he co-found...