Podcast Spotlight: Speaking Broadly

On Speaking Broadly, host Dana Cowin sits down with trailblazing women in food to learn about their stories. These intimate conversations delve into the challenges and successes of featur...


Third Wave and Beyond: Helen Russell

Inspired by the proliferation of great coffee, Speaking Broadly host Dana Cowin kicks off a short series on the Third Wave and beyond with Helen Russell, co-founder of Equator Coffees. ...


High Production Values: Fabienne Toback & Karis Jagger

High on the Hog is an extraordinary documentary that is destined to re-shape our understanding of the African American influence on food in this country. Based on Dr.


Food Without Borders: Yasmin Khan

Yasmin Khan, a long-time human rights activist, is the author of Ripe Figs, a book focusing on the Eastern Mediterranean — part travelogue, part cookbook, part meditation on the notion of...


The Rules According to V: V Spehar

From auditioning for a Dolly Parton Christmas show as a lark on their birthday, to going to a job interview, soup in hand, moments after totaling their car, to catering for Mitt Romney, V...


Wine & Race, Grit & Joy: Tahiirah Habibi

The life of Tahiirah Habibi is the journey from the deadly streets of North Philly to homecoming queen AND president at Penn State to sommelier in Miami to founder of the Hue Society in A...


The Power of Perfect: Nancy Silverton

Star chef Nancy Silverton of Los Angeles's Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza and Chi Spacca overcame her fears about baking to become one the greatest pastry chefs in the world.


Motherhood, Money and Meaning: Lisa Marie Donovan

Lisa Marie Donovan struggled against poverty, sexism, insecurity, family history to achieve success on her own terms and to tell her story in the recently published book,


Community Before Country: Carolina Saavedra

Carolina Saavedra is a chef, activist and educator who works both at Stone Barns Center in Westchester and at La Morada, her family's restaurant in the South Bronx.