The Power of Consumers

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Maple Mania and the Future of Technology

This episode of Week in Review covers everything from maple bacon-spiked poutine to leap year celebrations to a review of Lily King’s Euphoria.


Amanda Cohen

This week on The Morning After, Amanda Cohen of dirtcandy is in the studio to speak with Jen Tullock and guest host Sari Kamin about vegetables! After graduating from the Natural Gourmet'...


Gabriella Gershenson

This week on Taste Matters, Gabriella Gershenson comes into the studio to talk about her latest experience as food writer and editor for the magazine, Every Day with Rachel Ray.


Daniel Rose

Mitchell Davis is joined by American chef in Paris Daniel Rose, chef/owner of Spring restaurant in France. He discusses his education in Paris and the parallels between his philosophy stu...


Wendell Berry

On this very special episode of Taste Matters, Karen Karp sits in for Mitchell Davis as he organizes the 3rd annual James Beard Foundation Food Conference. Karen is joined in the studio b...


Beginnings of the Heritage Radio Network

On this week's installment of The Main Course, Patrick Martins is talking about the beginnings of the Heritage Radio Network with the station's staff and supporters.


A Taste for Pie

This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis is joined by the proprietor of First Prize Pies, Allison Kave. Allison explains how she stumbled into the pie making business and how growing up...


Gopnik on Taste

Acclaimed essayist and writer Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker joins Mitchell Davis on an especially taste-themed episode of Taste Matters.


Performance & Eating

We hear about the concept of food as art often but how are these two worlds really intertwined? Professor and "Performance Architect" Dorita Hannah explains how the table has conceptually...