Making Bitter Ends Meet

Patrick Miller of Faccia Brutto sits down with Greg and Sother to talk about tasting, experimenting, and what it takes to move your bitters-making operation out of your kitchen.


Amaro Sodas with Casamara Club

This week on HRN Happy Hour, special co-hosts Hannah Fordin and Dylan Heuer welcomed Erica Johnson and Jason LaValla of Casamara Club to the studio.


Jackie Zykan, Old Forester's Master Taster

Jackie Zykan is the Master Taster for Old Forester in Lousville, Kentucky. Originally from St. Louis, Jackie's background is full of unique experiences (science, business, and bartending)...


Adam & MAR Dissect Deductive Tasting

Adam and MAR go through the entire Court of Master Sommeliers' Deductive Tasting Format with an unlabeled bottle from a winemaker you probably know of and wow, it was TURBID.


A Tour of the New Blue Bottle Flagship in Bushwick

by Claire Alsup On Friday, January 27th, Oakland-born Blue Bottle Coffee opened its New York City flagship cafe and roastery at 279 McKibbin Street in Bushwick. To our joy, it’s a mere tw...


Sipping Rum With Shane Feirstein

Shane Feirstein of Lovers Rock in Bed-Stuy joins us in the studio with quite a few rums, from a Santa Teresa 1796 to an aged offering from Barbados.


Caryl Chinn

This week on All in the Industry, Shari Bayer welcomes Caryl Chinn on the line from Los Angeles.


Mya Jacobson Zoracki, Chef Ivy Stark, & Advanced Sommelier Hristo Zisovski

Prior to the conception of Feed Your Soul, it's founder, Mya Jacobson Zoracki, was a Trader on the American Stock Exchange. During her time on Wall Street, she earned a Juris Doctorate de...