TEA for 2- Part two of our TEAisode!

So you made it through part 1 of our TEASTRAVAGANZA. Congratulations, and welcome to part deux! We hope you brought some cream and some hottttt gossip! This week we talk hard tea, and the...


TEA off! A double header episode about TEA!

It’s tea time babes, so grab yourselves an English muffin and turn on “Murder She Wrote”, because things are about to get real geriatric on this week's burning-hot episode of America’s fa...


What is the Difference Between Japanese and Chinese Tea?

Our guest is Don Mei who is the Director of Mei Leaf, an awesome tea company based in London.  


Global Trade Bites Back: Animals, Sanctions, Dim Sum, and Disease

So far, our series on global trade has focused on ingredients that are either sweet or spicy, and that shaped international trade routes. As our stories make clear, there are ups and down...


Here Is Why We Should Drink Japanese Tea

Our guest today is Ian Chun who is the owner of Japanese online tea shop and community Yunomi.life.  


Zen, Flow State And Tea Ceremony

Our guest is Jeremy Hunter who is the Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute at Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management.


Building Sometimes Means Tearing Down

Allison DeVane is founder of Teaspressa, the company that created coffee-inspired tea blends, designed to make tea drinks like lattes just like their espresso counterparts.


Navigating the 'Pandemic Pivot' with Teaspressa's Allison DeVane

Allison DeVane is the founder of Teaspressa, a unique product she describes as “coffee inspired tea.” It’s an all natural, organic tea with the robust flavor and caffeine content of coffe...


Paella On Point (feat. Alex Talbot)

In this week's Cooking Issues Dave and Nastassia answer a bunch of listener questions. We discuss Paella, Mayonnaise Seared Steak, Belgian Mustard, & Gin-Infused Non-Alcoholic.


British Tea is Sh*t and other lessons: Henrietta Lovell

Mega stars Dave Chang, Rene Redzepi and Richard Hart all rely on her expertise in making dream bespoke tea blends.