Thanksgiving Episodes from Appetizers to Leftovers

A Thanksgiving dinner isn’t all about the turkey. There are many components to the meal (sides-giving, anyone?) as well as conversations in great company. This playlist covers it all - from appetizers to leftovers. In addition to chowing down on delicious courses, we know that this gathering is an important time to reflect, express gratitude, and to acknowledge (and take action around) the ongoing struggles Indigenous people face in achieving food sovereignty. Scroll through the following episodes and be inspired by recipe recommendations, ingenious leftover hacks, and thought-provoking dialogue (including discussions designed to engage those at the kids table).

Sipping & Grazing:

Cutting the Curd Episode 160: Holiday Cheeses: Many folks are wondering, "What's the best cheese to bring to a family gathering?" Anne Saxelby is joined by two guests who can help you make the right cheese decision: Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese and Matt Rubiner of Rubiner's Cheesemongers and Grocers! Tune in to hear Andy Hatch talk about the processes involved with making Rush Creek Reserve- the perfect holiday cheese! How does Uplands Cheese use spruce bark to flavor Rush Creek Reserve, and how often is the cheese washed during the aging process? Later, Matt Rubiner talks about the holiday atmosphere at Rubiner's Cheesemongers, and how folks at the cheese counter can anticipate the seasonal rush. What cheeses sell best at Rubiner's during the holidays? Find out all of this and more on this edition of Cutting the Curd!

Beer Sessions Radio Episode 510: Choosing Orchard-to-Glass Cider This Thanksgiving: In this Cider Week NYC bonus episode, Jimmy hosts Eleanor Leger of Eden Cider; Dan Wilson of Slyboro Cider House and Hick’s Ochard; and Cathryn Gaylord, a farm apprentice at Eve’s Cidery. Jimmy awards Eleanor with the third annual Scion Award to honor her leadership in the cider industry. Dan and Eleanor discuss their decade long journey making orchard-to-glass cider, which has spanned various styles, changes in language, and marketing mechanisms, while Cathryn offers a fresh take on industry trends. The group concludes by discussing their favor cider and food pairings, which include cured meat and cheese, spiced desserts, and a unique bone marrow dish from Jeepney in the East Village.

Oh-So-Beloved Sides

My Family Recipe Episode 4: Cheesy Bread is Made to Share with Khalid El Khatib: Khalid El Khatib’s childhood in Iowa was defined by its potlucks. Despite having relocated to New York City where the culinary landscape could not be more different from his hometown, Khalid’s mother’s cheesy bread is still near and dear to his heart. This is a story about the lasting power of his mother's Iowa dinner party staple. It’s a celebration of family gatherings and the simple pleasures of comfort food that's made to be shared. 

Eat Your Words Episode 161: Eat Your Vegetables: Are you a single cook looking to eat more vegetables? Tune in to hear from Eat Your Vegetable author Joe Yonan! Cathy Erway calls Joe to talk about how he got the idea for the book through writing a column. Find out why Joe thinks cooking shouldn't be intimidating, and why he offers simple recipes for rice and beans. Joe gives a few tips for dealing with fresh herbs at home, and shares his opinions about imitation meat products.

Special Features Episode 11: ​​Mac 'N' Cheese Thanksgiving: Is mac 'n' cheese suitable for the Thanksgiving dinner table? Southern food expert Nicole Taylor investigates the question with Gabe Rucker, Diane St. Clair, and Shameeka Ayers! Find out what makes the perfect mac ‘n’ cheese and more! Listen here or find Special Features wherever you get your podcasts.

Spill & Dish Episode 10: Harnessing a Hot Potato with Stephen Caldwell, Swiss Rösti: Stephen Caldwell, founder of Swiss Rosti, discovered these crispy filled potatoes during his travels and brought the gluten-free, low cholesterol treats to U.S. households. In this episode, Julie Gallagher, SFA’s director of content, talks with Caldwell about his Fancy Food Show debut in Incubator Village and how he gained national distribution by the next year's Show.

Feast Yr Ears Episode 90: The CranMas Tell All About Cranberries and Thanksgiving: Diane Moss and Mary Ann Lee have been cranberry farmers nearly their whole lives. As part of the Ocean Spray Co-op of growers their berries make it onto tables all across the USA every year in November. Tune in to hear Harry talk shop with these two CranMas as they offer insight into cranberry varieties, recipes and more for your Thanksgiving table and beyond.

The Food Seen Episode 288: Modern Potluck with Kristin Donnelly: Kristin Donnelly asks that everyone bring a dish. Growing up outside of Philly, a family full of dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins, every birthday and holiday was a potluck. After years of the same old casserole, Kristin became a trained cook, and began writing about food, eventually joining staff at Food & Wine Magazine. There, she focused on well-being, and while exposed to top chefs techniques and recipes across many lands, she looked to apply these flavor concepts to how she feeds her family at home. In her cookbook, "Modern Potluck," Kristin not only enables us how to prepare Deviled Eggs 4 ways, Seven Layer Salad with Mediterranean spices and quinoa, Stuffed Poblano Peppers, Scallion Pull-Apart Bread, and a selection of pies (sweet, savory, and slab), but also guides you how to bring them to the party without worry. An updated look into the conviviality of shared meals, Kristin takes away the stress of cooperative entertaining, which in turn, brings us closer together.

Turkey Time: 

Meat and Three Episode 21: Turducken: A Multi-layered Look at Thanksgiving: Who can resist a holiday that promotes eating multiple types of pie in a single meal? This week, we're exploring the unexpected sides of Thanksgiving. From culinary historians to turducken enthusiasts, people have a lot of feelings about this holiday.

No Chefs Allowed Episode 26: Heritage Turkeys: Heritage turkey hero Frank Reese talks with Megan and Tricia as they begin planning for Thanksgiving. Frank, a fourth-generation turkey farmer, is the ambassador for the turkeys that used to feed America. Frank talks to No Chefs Allowed about today's industrialized poultry practices, and encourages everyone to support the last remnants of the turkeys that used to don our tables at Thanksgiving. Megan and Tricia set off to get their own Heritage turkeys before they sell out! Listen here or find No Chefs Allowed wherever you get your podasts.

Time for Lunch Episode 38: Turkeys!: HRN’s show for kids can’t get enough of these prehistoric-looking, delicious birds. We hear from turkey experts about what makes these beautiful gobblers so special, talk about our turkey preferences, and hear a scrumptious recipe to make the most of Thanksgiving leftovers. 

Hot Grease Episode 126: Vegan Thanksgiving with Dreena Burton: Nicole Taylor calls up Dreena Burton to talk about vegan Thanksgiving dishes and her new book Let Them Eat Vegan. Hear some of Dreena's ideas about what foods can serve as good turkey replacements, and what vegan desserts she whips up for the holidays. Listen here or find Hot Grease wherever you get your podcasts.

Talking Around the Table:

Meat and Three Episode 97: Decolonizing our Thanksgiving Tables and Food Narratives: With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about the many ways this holiday bolsters colonial narratives, as well as opportunities to push back on them. This episode spotlights individual people, dishes and ingredients that are decolonizing our food system. We’re looking at our Thanksgiving plates and beyond to explore efforts to reclaim food sovereignty in Native American culture, the African diaspora, and Puerto Rico. We start by revisiting the Thanksgiving myth and investigating the forces that continue to shape Native Americans’ food access and culinary legacy. Then we’ll share a recipe that brings Geechee culture to the Thanksgiving table. We track the history of a West African rice strain that is reintroducing a rich heritage as well as environmental resilience to American soil. And finally we learn about how one food justice collective is working to bring power and healing to Puerto Rico.

Tech Bites Episode 250: Put the Giving Into Thanksgiving With the Neighborhood’s Table: We’ll look at paying it forward to building better communities with Studio ATAO’s The Neighborhood’s Table. Host Jenifer Leuzzi talks with Edric Huang, Head of Programming at Studio ATAO, about combating gentrification through intentional hospitality and their current fundraising project. Make it a real black Friday this year and keep your favorite non-profit organization out of the red. 

Time for Lunch Episode 25: Giving Thanks!: Hannah and Harry are back to celebrate the tastiest and most historically complex fall holiday: Thanksgiving! We learn about the history of the Wampanoag and Narragansett people, who lived and thrived in coastal New England before European settlers arrived in what is now the US. Lorén M. Spears, Executive Director of the Tomaquag Museum in Exeter Rhode Island, teaches listeners about the types of thanks-giving celebrations that these indigenous communities celebrate all year long. Plus, Harry shares a tasty recipe that’s perfect for this year’s unusual Thanksgiving feast and we have a special gobble-filled dance break. 

Eating Matters Episode 170: Gather: Ever wonder why we don’t eat Bison meat in this country? This is a little known - but extremely important - part of American history that perfectly demonstrates one way the US government worked to systematically steal land from and decimate Native American people. It was a tactic that effectively communicated that ‘one dead buffalo is two dead Indians.’ Director Sanjay Rawal (Food Chains) joins host Jenna Liut to discuss his critically-acclaimed, newly-released documentary, Gather. The film demonstrates how Indigenous Americans are reclaiming their sovereignty over their annihilated ancestral food systems, while battling against the historical trauma brought on by colonialism and centuries of genocide.

Room For Dessert?

A Taste of the Past Episode 256: American Pie History: As American as Apple Pie? Although Pie came to America with the first English settlers, American pie focused on the sweet dessert varieties, and apple certainly earned its place at the top.  But don't forget pumpkin, pecan, cherry, custard... Petra Paredez of Petee's Pie talks about the history of the many types and flavors from the popular to the forgotten from her book, Pie for Everyone.

The Shameless Chef Episode 29: The Final Course: Dessert: Michael Davenport entertains and delights with the richer things in life. From pavlova to sundae smorgasbords and homemade pie crusts, it’s all about dessert this week. When the late night munchies come calling, Michael’s advice is to be prepared. Have your favorite snacks on hand, keep packaged cookie mix in your pantry, and take down his recipe for a “sloppy egg sandwich.” Delight any dinner party guests this summer with a sundae buffet - think multiple flavors, sauces and toppings to be combined in endless combinations, and don’t forget homemade whipped cream. Michael provides a pie crust recipe that you don’t need to be intimidated by and suggests a more complicated pastry endeavor for those with lots of time on their hands and strong hankering for chocolate.

The Food’s Not Gone Yet:

Jupiter’s Almanac Episode 8: Reducing Waste This Thanksgiving: Many people are planning smaller meals for Thanksgiving this year and may be wondering how to pare down their typical dishes to avoid waste. Matthew shares his Thanksgiving menu and talks through his prepping process, which includes starting early to enjoy Thanksgiving Day as much as possible and calculating how many portions he should prepare. He also offers some creative suggestions for making the most of leftovers by turning them into salads, sandwiches or breakfast casseroles. Finally, he shares his approach to composting at Gilliard Farms and expresses gratitude for the land he lives on.

Life’s A Banquet Episode 148: "Stuffed Yesterday"- The LEFTOVERS Episode!: They’re a limp yet loveable, perfunctory, predictable, practical, and sometimes putrid; that’s right folks, they’re leftovers (or in this case, re-runs). This week, as many of us enjoy turkey milkshakes and stuffing tacos, we thought what better time than now to directly address food you made too much of, assuming you’d want to eat it for two weeks straight. Leftovers are a necessary part of food waste reduction, and sometimes they are also very gross, and we are here to unpack the whole (leftover) enchilada. Nic has the economic history of fridge leavings, and Z is coming at'cha fast and loose with the thrilling tale of Tupperware. So scrape that omelet into the ice cream maker and throw another bone in that stew, it’s Life’s a Banquet, the podcast!

The Shameless Chef Episode 8: Making the Most of Leftovers: Mike Schreiber loves leftovers because they remind him of the holidays. This episode is about just that: how to best put your leftovers to use, the joy of sharing them with others, and wishing everyone a happy and delicious holiday season. Next time you’re planning dinner but don’t feel like grocery shopping, Michael Davenport suggests testing your creativity and seeing what you can whip up with what’s already in the fridge. He encourages making more than enough food - if you’re baking cookies, double the recipe and give away half as a gift. When it comes to Christmas, if you’re anything like Michael the next day you’ll have multiple gravies and dressings, more than one pie, and several fruit cakes. He shares tips for how to use these ingredients and what to toss. In the final segment, Michael spreads the holiday spirit and wishes everyone the best on behalf of The Shameless Chef

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