1. Naomi Mobed of Le Bon Magot 

Naomi is a banker by training but today she creates delightful chutneys and complex preserves. She sat down with Ethan Frisch to chat about her ingredients and flavors, starting the company on a dare, fighting back against the ‘ethnic food’ classification and the value of taking it slow when it comes to releasing products. 

2. Josh Rogers of Cup Of Sea

Hannah Fordin got to chat with Josh Rogers the creator of Heritage Seaweed and Cup of Sea about his previous career as a food writer and how he got into the seaweed game, what it’s like to be on the frontlines of an essentially untouched industry, the simplicity of seaweed farming and using education as a marketing tool. 

3. Shea Whitney of DRAM

DRAM Apothecary is a flavor and CBD infused sparkling water brand based out of Salida Colorado. Oscar Simone spoke with co-founder Shea Whitney to hear about their products, hands on operation and use of real plant based flavorings as opposed to the commonly misnomered “natural flavorings”. 

4. Morsinah Katimin of Sarjen Inc. 

Morsinah Katimin is the creator of Sarjen Inc., a San Francisco based, Indonesian inspired line of naturally healing Jamu drinks and delicious Sambal hot sauces. She sat down with Oscar Simone to talk a bit about the flavors and ingredients in these products which can be traced back to Indonesian and South East Asian traditions as well as their centuries old medicinal history.