Weekly Picks: Leaders Across the Industry

The food world must remain on its toes as the Delta variant rises, vaccine requirements and mask mandates shift, and conversations about building back better continue. This week, HRN hosted interviews with industry leaders we can all look to as our social and political landscape continues to evolve.

The Speakeasy discusses breaking news in the beverage sphere, while Tech Bites talks to a game changer in online delivery. Let's Talk About Food features Sara Baer-Sinnott, the president of Oldways, a non-profit leading public health initiatives focused on cultural food traditions and lifestyles. Top Chef champion Melissa King joins Inside Julia's Kitchen to share her insight on forging her own path as a modern TV chef. HRN's series for kids, Time for Lunch is all about role models and the people who inspire who we want to be when we grow up.

The Speakeasy Episode 442: Well, Here we Go Again: On a special bonus episode of The Speakeasy Greg, Damon and Sother sit down to talk about some breaking news in the industry. As cases rise again and mask mandates loom a number of restaurateurs have taken it upon themselves to institute vaccine requirements. What that means for the industry - and the rest of us - on a special breaking news edition.

Tech Bites Episode 244: Delivery Series: The Future: In 2021, a year-and-a-half into the global Covid-19 pandemic, restaurant, food, and grocery delivery has never been more popular, nor more essential to people’s daily lives and the survival of the restaurant industry. Third-party delivery apps have dominated the space, dictating policies and payments for both home consumers and restaurants. Companies looking to take back control of their delivery are creating their own platforms.

On this episode, host Jenifer Leuzzi talks with Jeremy Wladis, owner of the multi-unit Restaurant Group in NYC, who created the delivery platform WestSideEasts with a community cohort of students, tech people, and restaurants. This is episode three, of a three-part series that examines the current ecosystem of apps, restaurants, delivery workers, and consumers, seeking to shine a light on the real-world costs of delivery and convenience.

Let's Talk About Food Episode 24: Sara Baer-Sinnot & Oldways: Sara Baer-Sinnott is the President of Oldways, a non-profit focused on improving public health through cultural food traditions and lifestyles. If you think you haven’t heard of Oldways, you are wrong. Oldways’ tentacles touch almost everything you think about food today. It was the organization that brought the Mediterranean Diet to the forefront, the champion of whole grains in food products – and the creator and convener of a wide swath of the “culinary community” inviting huge bands of chefs, writers, retailers and food producers from all over the world to gather together to revere and preserve the value and joy of artisanal food – in short…the Oldways.

Inside Julia's Kitchen Episode 132: Meet Melissa King: This week on Inside Julia’s Kitchen, host Todd Schulkin welcomes chef Melissa King, a Top Chef Champion and fan favorite. Todd and Melissa discuss forging your own path in an ever-changing food landscape and being a modern TV chef. Plus, Melissa shares her Julia Moment. 

Time for Lunch Episode 36: Role Models!: This week on Time For Lunch, Hannah and Harry are getting to know people we look up to, who inspire who we might want to be when we grow up: our role models. We are joined by the inspiring young chef, Rahanna Bisseret Martinez who, now sixteen years old, was a finalist on Top Chef Junior at thirteen. Additionally, we hear from chef Elle Simone of America’s Test Kitchen, who tells us about the role models who inspired her as well as her tips on learning to cook at a young age. Plus, we’ve got jokes, music, and a whole heap of fun facts.