About Heritage Radio Network

Heritage Radio Network is a network of food thought leaders and industry experts, from brewers and bartenders to pastry chefs and policy makers. We’re a media platform of 40+ hosts and their guests having conversations about food that go far beyond the boundaries of traditional media. With 7,000+ episodes of archived content with visionaries and tastemakers, the live stream of HRN’s 39+ weekly shows, and station-produced food news, HeritageRadioNetwork.org is the planet for food radio programming. 

We’re an independent, member-supported, 501(c)3 not-for-profit. We thrive on finding solutions, and are united in the idea that a small group of dedicated people can change the world one bite (or sound bite) at a time. Our station lives in a recycled shipping container in the back of Roberta’s, a pizza restaurant at the forefront of Brooklyn’s culinary renaissance.

Our DIY philosophy taps into the roots of this forward-thinking scene and creative energy around food. And with 39+ live shows a week, life on the air is never boring or predictable.

We’ve spent the last six years developing our reputation as the underground source in the food world; a speakeasy for people in the know. From shows about the culinary history of Vietnam to coverage of how the devastating Storm Atlas impacted South Dakota’s agriculture, we share the most compelling food-focused voices through the power of radio. And through the power of technology, you can listen to any of our episodes as podcasts on demand—wherever you are, whenever you want, always for free.  

But Heritage Radio Network is more than just a radio station. Through scholarship programs, we teach high school students how to produce their own short stories about food insecurity in their neighborhoods. On panels, we share the lessons of what we learned. At events, we connect hosts and listeners.

How to Listen

  • Stream us live and check our our archived programming here on our website
  • Download any of our podcasts on iTunes or Stitcher.
  • And follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr too: that’s where we keep our listeners up to date on all our newest, best content.

Our History

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Who are the people behind Heritage Radio Network?

HRN is supported by a group of innovative freelance staff, a team of talented interns, and an incredibly tight-knit and supportive food community in Brooklyn and beyond. The shows themselves are an enormous labor of love for our hosts, a diverse and highly regarded group of professionals. Currently they produce and record their weekly shows, unpaid. As a non-profit media outlet, we seek to give them the platform they deserve to help our listeners explore issues they care about.With a handful of staff and board members, we’re a small but mighty team wearing lots of hats.


Kat Johnson

Communications Director

Vitor Hirtsch

Studio Engineer

David Tatasciore

Lead Engineer / Studio Manager

Sarah F McKeen

Special Projects

Caity Moseman Wadler

Executive Director

Board Members

Phil Winser

Board Member

August Cardona

Board Member

Anthony Butler, MSW

Board Member

JoAnn Fleming


Patrick Martins



Jordan Werner

Julia Child Fellow

Karen Gardner

Research and Radio Intern

Halley Crane

Research and Radio Intern

Claire Alsup

Research and Radio Intern

Natasha Verdon

Research and Radio Intern

Emily Pontecorvo

Research and Radio Intern

Ope Omojola

Radio and Production Intern

Yvette Caban Resto

Research and Writing Intern

Dinavie Sanchez Salazar

Editorial Intern

Distinguished Alumni

Jack Inslee

Producer At Large

Erin Fairbanks

Executive Director emerita


The views and opinions expressed in the shows and podcasts contained herein are those of the hosts and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of Heritage Radio Network.