A Pet Parent’s Guide to Williamsburg and Bushwick

During the making of  Like Farmer, Like Dog, we learned a lot about the nature of being a pet parent in the city. One of the biggest challenges about being a city-dwelling pet parent, according to both Erica Harte and Emma Gonzalez, is finding open space and dog-friendly establishments. Fortunately these two urban farmers have lived in their respective neighborhoods of Bushwick and Williamsburg for long enough that they were able to share with us their favorite spots to take their wily pups Baxter and Jam.


Pet-Friendly Bushwick

When Erica gets home from a long day at Randall's Island Urban Farm, one of the first things she does is take Baxter down the block to the Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run. Like most dog parks in the city, this one is separated for the big dogs and the little dogs to avoid potential conflicts. (Though when Baxter goes, he will sometimes opt to play with the bigger guys despite his small Italian greyhound/chihuahua stature.)

[caption id="attachment_46577" align="alignnone" width="300"]DSC_0420 Kat Johnson interviews Erica Harte and Baxter at the Maria Hernandez Dog Park (Photo: Jordan Werner Barry)[/caption]


For evening drinks, Erica enjoys stopping by Precious Metal—a funky neighborhood bar that is just as inviting to dogs as it is to their human companions. The former metalworking shop is popular among locals, and has also been cited as a great first date spot.

Another establishment Erica has found that allows her to bring Baxter in is Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC), which opened a little over a year ago on Troutman Street.  Friendly to both pups and people alike, this brewery has quickly become a popular night hangout in its artsy corner of Bushwick.

Though not on Erica's list, we also love Roberta's Pizza (come say hi!), which allows pets and their parents in their massive outdoor space, as well as Pine Box Rock Shop for dog-friendly drinking.


Pet-Friendly Williamsburg

For dog parents in Williamsburg, Emma's top recommendation is of course none other than North Brooklyn Farms! With plenty of green space and gravel path to run around on, any city-bound pet will be enthralled by the many offerings to explore on the farm. And maybe if they're lucky they'll even befriend Jam (if they can warm up her territorial heart)!

[caption id="attachment_46580" align="alignnone" width="199"]DSC_0188 Emma Gonzalez and Jam play on North Brooklyn Farms' spacious yard. (Photo: Jordan Werner Barry)[/caption]


When not on the farm, Emma will sometimes take Jam for a romp at the McCarren Park Dog Run. Often loaded with other pups and their parents, any city dog is bound to make a friend at this popular play destination.

For the thirsty dog parent, there's no better place to grab a beer in Williamsburg than Lucky Dog. Popular among dog parents and non-dog parents alike, it's rare to not see a canine or two in this cozy dive on Bedford Ave. It's also one of the few spots in the city where it's not frowned upon to ask to pet a stranger's pup.


And there are our top recommendations for you and your canine companion. Now go play!