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Harry  Rosenblum

Harry Rosenblum

Harry Rosenblum is the co-founder of the Brooklyn Kitchen. After a long career as a jack of many trades, Harry and his wife Taylor Erkkinen opened the Brooklyn Kitchen in 2006. What began as a small housewares shop on the first floor of the couple’s apartment building grew into a 7,000 square-foot epicenter of equipment, education and ingredients for customers from Brooklyn to Japan. In 2017 they consolidated the business to focus on the cooking school under Taylor's guidance. Harry then moved to the supply side and serves as the General Manager of Kikuichi Cutlery, the oldest knife maker in the world, based in Nara, Japan and founded in 1267. Harry's first book Vinegar Revival was published in 2017 and he teaches cooking and fermentation classes. In 2019 Harry and Taylor and their kids, Moxie and Frank, moved to Rhode Island where Harry joined the board of directors for the non-profit Eating with the Ecosystem focused on promoting sustainable local seafood caught in the waters off New England.

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