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Jaclyn  Rohel

Jaclyn Rohel

Jaclyn Rohel is a member of Gastronomica’s Editorial Collective and a 2022-2023 New Media Public Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute. Her work on food and cities centers community-engaged research and experiential education. She has previously written on topics related to food provisioning, public culture, and markets. Jaclyn completed her PhD in Food Studies at New York University.

Daniel  Bender

Daniel Bender

Daniel Bender is co-chair of the Gastronomica editorial collective and the Canada Research Chair in Food and Culture at the University of Toronto where he directs the Culinaria Research Centre. He is the author of many books and articles, including, coming soon from Reaktion Press, The Food Adventurers: How Around-the-World Travel Changed the Way We Eat. He teaches classes in food history, wine studies, and food writing.

Signe  Rousseau

Signe Rousseau

Signe Rousseau is the Administrative Co-Chair of the Gastronomica Editorial Collective. She is the author of Food Media: Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Everyday Interference, and Food and Social Media: You Are What You Tweet, and a number of journal articles and book chapters focussed on the intersection of food, media, and attention. She teaches critical literacy and professional communication at the University of Cape Town.

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