EPISODE 141 | Nov 23, 2020

Wine & Race, Grit & Joy: Tahiirah Habibi

The life of Tahiirah Habibi is the journey from the deadly streets of North Philly to homecoming

EPISODE 140 | Oct 28, 2020

The Power of Perfect: Nancy Silverton

Star chef Nancy Silverton of Los Angeles's Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza and Chi Spacca overcame

EPISODE 137 | Aug 17, 2020

Community Before Country: Carolina Saavedra

Carolina Saavedra is a chef, activist and educator who works both at Stone Barns Center in Westch

EPISODE 136 | Aug 02, 2020

For Failure's Sake: Alex Pemoulie

Is failure the best teacher?

EPISODE 134 | Jul 08, 2020

Leadership Lessons from a Skater-Journalist-Musician: Jamila Robinson

Philadelphia Inquirer food editor Jamila Robinson learns leadership lessons from her everyday lif

EPISODE 133 | Jun 23, 2020

Cooking for Freedom: Dominique Crenn

"That love, that passion, that authenticity you have within yourself always connects with others.