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Lou  Bank

Lou Bank

Lou Bank has sold more copies of a single comic book than anyone else in America. He helped bring Pokemon to the masses, Star Wars to the cereal aisle, and Morimoto to the beer geeks. But you’re here because he founded SACRED, a USA-based, 501c3 not-for-profit that uses traditional and artisanal agave spirits from rural Mexico to help improve the quality of life in the communities where those spirits are made.

Salvador “Chava”  Peribán

Salvador “Chava” Peribán

Salvador "Chava" Peribán develops strategies and processes to achieve sustainable, fair, and beautiful products, including agave spirits, tumblers, and adobe bricks. He has worked as director of R&D at Xaquixe, a Oaxaca-based glass-blowing studio, and as head distiller at Sombra, where he also helped reduce the distillery’s ecological footprint. He stepped down from cohosting this podcast after the third season, but his fingerprints will forever be all over it!

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