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Produced by Melissa Metrick and Wythe Marschall

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Melissa  Metrick

Melissa Metrick

Melissa Metrick is an NYU Adjunct Professor and manages the NYU Urban Farm Lab. Metrick teaches a hands-on Urban Agriculture class at the farm, where students learn how to grow food and implement sustainable urban agriculture practices. Metrick has upwards of a decade of experience in urban agriculture, from teaching children how to grow food at the New York Botanical Gardens to managing the garden at Roberta’s, where she designed and created the on-site kitchen garden. A graduate of the Master’s Program in Food Studies, she also holds a Horticultural Certificate from Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and is a Master Composter.

Wythe  Marschall

Wythe Marschall

Wythe Marschall is a writer and researcher focused on the future of agriculture, food, and the life sciences. Trained at Harvard University, he has worked as a research associate in controlled environment agriculture at Cornell University and as a senior researcher in food systems at the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business. He is a socialist and avid sci-fi reader. His research explores the intersection of millennial labor precarity and techno-utopian visions for greening cities. His first book project examines the rise of commercial indoor farming in New York City.

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