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Kate  McCabe

Kate McCabe

Kate loves Ireland so much that she had to have someone else write this bio so that it wouldn’t seem too overwhelming. Kate has spent the last twenty years immersed in food, Irish politics, and the environment. A consummate eater and restaurant worker (FOH), Kate has been known to frown when she eats something she likes a lot. It’s confusing at first yet endearing once you know what’s going on. Both sides of her family hail from Ireland (Tullamore & Belfast), and she has traveled extensively throughout the country. Kate’s lifelong commitment to environmental justice and sustainability is apparent in her educational background as well as her focus on seeing and learning about all of the incredible things that are happening in this area in Ireland.

Max  Sussman

Max Sussman

Max Sussman has spent his entire life in food. From his days as a summer camp chef taking a rowboat to pick up organic vegetables at the farm across the lake, to his 3 years at beloved Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta’s, to founding Samesa with his brother Eli, Max has focused on simple and delicious food cooked from scratch and with care. Max was blown away by the landscape and people on his first visit to Ireland nearly 20 years ago, and loves going back to experience their ever-evolving food scene. 

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