This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy welcomes participants from Sauce King NYC, a virtual sauce competition he founded to determine the best barbecue sauces, hot sauces, marinades and more. Together they hone in on the intersection of beer and barbecue, sharing ideas for cooking with beer and pairing it with meals. Hear from Sauce King NYC Champion, Ray Sheehan of BBQ Buddha, Fubz of Just Add Beer Sauce and Marinade Mix, Brad Jungles of Rufus Teague, and Sauce King judge Alyssa Levine of Totally Forked. Brad shares the hurdles and rewards of creating a canned barbecue sauce in partnership with Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing, while Fubz talks about why the complexity of flavor found in craft beer can lead to endless culinary combinations. The group also discusses beer can chicken, the differences between Memphis and Kansas City sauces, marketing strategies and more. 

Beer List

Good Word Brewing, Drink Time Lone Pine Brewing, Brightside IPA Lone Pine Brewing, Oh-J

Image courtesy of Rufus Teague.

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