Join us for a converstaion with An Dao and Peter Wei, spouses and cofounders of Pantry by Nature and Tiger Sate. They both have a medical research background, but when work was halted during the pandemic, they decided to use this unexpected free time to launch Tiger Saté, a Vietnamese-style lemongrass chili sauce for health-conscious foodies. An grew up in Vietnam and learned cooking from my grandmother, from starting the wood stove to helping cook the family dinner. In Vietnam, everyday food is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. But when I came to America, I found that all too often, food was made with preservatives, MSG, and an eye to the bottom line. Unless you visit Vietnam or know a Vietnamese grandma, real Vietnamese food is hard to find. That’s why she created Tiger Saté. I wanted an authentic Vietnamese hot sauce that was made from fresh ingredients, with no preservatives or shortcuts.


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