How will Garcia’s ambitious green infrastructure plans promote urban farming in NYC?

The Fields team reached out to all of the major candidates for mayor of New York regarding their urban agriculture plans. Kathryn Garcia gave us an hour of her time to discuss her highly relevant background as well as her new green infrastructure plan. Garcia has previously served as Commissioner for the New York City Sanitation Department, incident commander during Hurricane Sandy, Interim Chair and CEO of the New York City Housing Authority, and Food Czar for New York's emergency food program during the COVID-19 emergency response. As mayor, she plans to green every roof in NYC and much more. We discuss food and environmental policy with a special focus on what this means for urban farmers. Give us a listen, plant a seed, and please share Fields with a friend!

Kathryn Garcia: “I think that community gardens are incredibly important and we need to make sure that we are providing New Yorkers in need with access to healthy and nutritious food. And obviously that means expanding programs for SNAP benefits to be accepted, at like restaurants and food banks and farmer's markets. But what we learned in this pandemic is that parks and community gardens are actual infrastructure. And they are infrastructure that supports our access to food, but also supported our access to, you know, they were our offices and our yoga studios and the places where we socialize.”

Kathryn Garcia Headshot

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