Jam, the Urban Farm Dog

For the first episode of our Like Farmer, Like Dog podcast, we went to North Brooklyn Farms to meet vegan chef Emma Gonzalez and her dog Jam, who is something of a celebrity around the farm.


And while you might think Jam is famous for her Chihuahua mix good looks, after meeting her, we had a hunch it had more to do with her feisty personality.

“A lot of her day is really spent guarding what she thinks of as her land,” says Emma, when we ask her about Jam’s role as North Brooklyn Farms’ official farm dog.


An adoptee from The Sato Project, an organization that rescues stray pups from Puerto Rico, Jam grew up eating whatever she could find. Now that she has Emma as a mom, she’s getting a variety of both meats and vegetables.

“I started looking into dog food companies that are sourcing ethically,” says Emma.  She was to find that Castor & Pollux uses organic and responisbly sourced ingredients.

At one point, Jam showed us she was pretty eager to dig into Castor & Pollux PRISTINE™ Grass-Fed Beef & Chickpea Recipe dog food.


She also was a big fan of the PRISTINE™ Grain Free Grass-Fed Chicken Recipe Sausages for her treats!


Check out Emma and Jam’s episode of Like Farmer, Like Dog to hear more about Jam’s life as an urban farm dog!