Ben to Table is an online subscription service for the avid home cook and food lover, bringing you the most delicious examples from across the globe of ingredients to cook with and eat.

Ben is a food-lover and cook himself. His career in non-profit advocacy has taken him all over the world fighting to improve food systems, from sustainable growing practices in India and the Philippines to better product sourcing policies across Europe.

In his years of working to preserve and promote sustainable agriculture against an industrial system run amok, he’s always been on the lookout for the most delicious food anywhere, made well by artisan producers keeping food traditions alive.

And now all that experience -- the adventurous cooking, the sustainable agriculture campaigning, and the global ingredient sourcing, comes together for you with Ben to Table.

It’s not a meal kit. It’s a monthly delivery service of the best pantry ingredients in the world. You can use them in your own cooking however you like, with tips and tricks we provide to support you along the way.

You can opt for monthly Global Delicacies that highlight the cuisine of a particular country or region, Pantry Essentials like heirloom grits, beans, and grains, or the Ben to Table box that brings you the best of both, along with add-ons and gifts available year-round.

This is for the home chef who loves to cook, who wants to use the best ingredients in the world, and who wants access to exclusive subscriber deals when Ben finds new shipments of delicious food to bring back. Grab a seat at the table.

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