The foodservice industry faces a challenge: more people are eating out, yet we’re losing talent. Great chefs are leaving the industry, and young people are less likely to want to work in professional kitchens than any previous generation.

Why? Research by #FairKitchens reveals a serious wellbeing issue within professional kitchens: 74% of chefs are sleep deprived to the point of exhaustion; 63%  of chefs feel depressed, and more than half feels pushed to the breaking point.

We can’t continue to ignore this.

At #FairKitchens, we believe that a positive kitchen culture will make for a healthier business. We provide free information, tools and resources to help you take action towards making your restaurant a '"fairer" kitchen when you take the pledge on our website. Because your staff will be stable; your team will be happy and productive; and your guests will receive the best quality offering your team can provide.

It’s time to act now, for the talent that we are losing from the industry today and for the talent of the future that we need to attract.