Fleming & Associates CPA is a small accounting firm that provides traditional accounting and tax services along with fraud and forensic accounting services to individuals and businesses. We provide these services to industries such as hospitality, financial services, legal, manufacturing firms, health care, creative companies, real estate, and other types of businesses.

We work with individuals and all types of businesses including LLCs, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, and nonprofits.

With over 30 years accounting and tax experience, our forensic services include working closely with the legal community, providing litigation support, expert testimony services, and producing forensic finding reports. Our reports have been used successfully to help settle and resolve all types of litigation matters and have stood up to scrutiny by opposing counsel and tax authorities.

JoAnn Fleming was the host of Flash Talks Cash – a lively financial talk show that was broadcasted on Heritage Radio Network for two years.

JoAnn was also the accountant for the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2010.