Organic Growers School: Inspiring, Educating, Supporting People to live, farm, and garden organically.

Organic Growers School is the premiere provider of practical and affordable organic education in the Southern Appalachians, building a vibrant food & farming community by boosting the success of organic home growers and farmers in our region. A 501c3 non-profit, we are based in Asheville, NC, and have been serving our region since 1993. Our hands-on training, workshops, conferences and partnerships inspire, educate, and support people to farm, garden, and live organically.

Mission statement: Organic Grower School inspires, inspires, educates, and supports people to farm, garden, and live organically.

Vision Statement : We are building a mutually supportive network of prosperous farmers, productive gardeners and informed consumers engaged in creating healthy communities.

Organic Growers School serves thousands of farmers, gardeners, eaters, sustainability seekers, and community leaders each year. We know that as growers thrive, they care for the land, strengthen their communities, generate income for themselves and others, and produce food for their region. In addition, they enhance their personal food security, self-reliance, and grow their capacity for environmental stewardship, ecological awareness, nature reverence, and best land use practices. The ultimate outcome is an empowered population, who are financially and nutritionally resourced, ready to use their voices to advocate for a more equitable and resilient food system.