Simplecast is an industry-leading analytics, hosting, and audience growth platform for Podcasters, all built upon a trusted and secure global network.

Our platform removes the hassle of audio-file hosting services, while providing a solid and secure network, guaranteeing fast audio streaming the world over. With Simplecast, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited episodes, and zero fuss.

Simplecast seamlessly collects your listener metrics and demographics together in one easy to understand Dashboard. From desktop iTunes subscribers to mobile listening apps like Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or Breaker, you’ll know not only who is listening, but how they’re listening. Simplecast’s industry-leading analytics tools gives you the data you need to better understand your audience.

Simplecast’s innovative social media sharing tools are like no other, offering your listeners a fun and simple way to share 30 second clips of your episodes, anywhere — from Twitter to Instagram. The listener sharing tool debuts this summer, so be on the lookout.

There’s much more to discover with Simplecast’s new customizable and embeddable audio players. Your ability to invite multiple admins to manage your podcast, or easily design an online archive of your entire episode library — and it’s all included, and for only $12 month. Simple.