The barrier to the world's best wine isn't price. It's access.

Wine Access makes it easy for anyone, from beginners to seasoned drinkers, to learn about which wines they like, and why through: access, curation and content. 

  • Access to the world’s most renowned and under-the-radar winemakers
    • Wine Access unlocks access to rare and often unattainable wine selections from all over the globe and deliver them straight to your door in pristine condition.
  • Curation that guarantees you always drink the best wine 
    • Their experts—which includes a Master of Wine (1 of 53 in the US) and a Master Sommelier—taste and evaluate over 20,000 wines a year, selecting only the finest wines that exceed expectations’ - about 1 out of 18 make the cut
  • Content that helps you appreciate what makes a certain wine special 
    • They equip you with knowledge and stories behind each bottle of wine, taking the guesswork out of choosing wines and bridging the gap between novice and seasoned enthusiasts]

Every bottle sold over-delivers regardless of price point and if a wine fails to impress, they’ll credit the bottle.