This week on A Few Things with Claire and Erica Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo hit a wide range of important topics, they start off the show talking about various sunscreen product recommendations. Sunscreen is incredibly important during these summer months because it helps protect your skin from the UV rays that cause skin cancer. But what products should you use if you're allergic to it? After that, they talk about Sherpaa, a website that addresses your medical concerns immediately so you don't have to lose an entire day dealing with an easily fixable problem. Then they are joined by their guest Lauren Sherman, editor of, who talks about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the importance of considering where your fashion really comes from.

"The last time a new sunscreen ingredient was approved in the United States was in 2002, which is 13 years ago!" [9:00]

--Erica Cerulo on A Few Things With Claire and Erica

"In 1995, 52% of goods that people [in the US] bought were made here [in the US]. This year 2.5 percent of goods were made here [in the US]." [26:00]

"The thing with the Made in America movement is that a lot of stuff shouldn't be labeled Made in America. If the FCC found out - some of these companies would be in trouble. The FCC doesn't have time to go after smaller brands." [31:00]

--Lauren Sherman on A Few Things With Claire and Erica