Scott Ungermann the Brewmaster for Anchor Brewing in San Francisco joins Jimmy on Beer Sessions this week. Jen Maslank from Spring Lounge, Kirk Struble of 4th Ave Pub, and Bobby Gagnon from The Gate also take a seat around the table. A sequence of tastings from Anchor Brewing commences with the Anchor Steam, followed by Anchor’s 2018 Christmas Ale, and then the Fog Breaker IPA. At a moment when new and local beers garner the most attention, these beer veterans get to the heart of what Anchor brings to the table. Times are changing though and Anchor plans to keep up. After 122 years in business, Anchor made a major change last year by launching a bar and a pilot brewery. Ungermann promises that Anchor will preserve the traditional beers everyone loves, but with the option to brew on a smaller scale we can expect exciting new innovations as well.


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