You think you know bats - but you have no idea. Tune in to an absolutely fascinating episode of Animal Instinct as Celia Kutcher is joined by bat expert Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary. Amanda is an author of both scientific and popular literature about bats, including her most recent work, Standards and Medical Management for Captive Insectivorous Bats. Amanda is a licensed bat care specialist in the State of Texas, permitted to work with threatened and endangered species. Why do bats sleep upside down? What's the deal with vampire bats? Find out on a batty episode of Animal Instinct. This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Cares Vet.

"Bats are nothing at all like what you'd think - they have an intelligence level of a dolphin. They have 25 different vocalizations they use to communicate. They actually use syntax - the only other mammal that does that are humans." [06:00]

"If you work with bats at any time you realize truly how un-special you are." [10:00]

"In reality, bats actually have anti viral properties - most bats are disease resistant." [15:00]

--Amanda Lollar on Animal Instinct