Summer: the word ushers in thoughts of sunshine, the beach, and... pit stains! This week on Ask A Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr welcomes Greg Howard to the show. Greg is a staff writer at Deadspin, where he writes about sports and culture and the occasional penis, and edits Screamer, the website's soccer vertical. Answering exactly how to deal with this summer setback, Jolie and Greg approach the quandary with wit and charm, suggesting, for instance, to rid a shirt of yellowed stains simply soak the shirt in hot water and OxiClean for a long while and perhaps enlist the use of a laundry brush. After the break, the dynamic duo tackles the stank that comes along with the pit stains - tune in for an essential show! This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"If you have clothes that have taken on a real permanent funk, you might want to start out doing a 1 cup white vinegar wash." [25:25]

"I try not to take a hard line on too much, I know a lot of people really love fabric softener but it's the devil and I want people to stop using it!" [26:50]

--Jolie Kerr on Ask a Clean Person