Beer Sessions Radio is back in action for 2014 with Ben Wiley of Glorietta Baldy, Kelly Taylor of Kelso, and Jimmy Ludwig of the Happy Hour Guys! Jimmy Carbone chats with Kelly about his brewing roots on the West Coast, and how he learned to make beer with a few kettles and a heater! Hear about Ben's past as a Japanese interpreter; how has the Japanese craft beer scene evolved since Ben's time living in the country? Jimmy Ludwig talks about small breweries in Michigan and calls up Andy Langloy and Dave Manson of his favorite new Michigan brewery, Black Rocks Brewing Co.! Hear about their quick progress in the Michigan market, and the secret hop in their 51K IPA! Tune in to hear more about homebrewing and local Brooklyn hops! Thanks to our sponsor, Music by Dead Stars.

"Nuance is incredibly important in beer. I think that's the direction the industry is headed... You need to focus on the core. It's needs to be flavorful and sessionable. " [15:20]

-- Kelly Taylor on Beer Sessions Radio