Get ready for some on-air beer drinking! It’s a packed house once again on Beer Sessions Radio. Jimmy Carbone is joined by Patrick Morse of Flagship Brewery, Zach Mack of Alphabet City Beer Co, Natalie and Mart Mattrazzo of The Farmhouse Brewery and Tess Rose Lampert, wine and beer educator. Hear how Flagship Brewery, Staten Island’s first brewery since the 1960’s got its start, what goes into the malting process and what makes beer and wine not so dissimilar. From specialty brews to retail trends – get the latest and greatest in the world of craft beer on Beer Sessions Radio. This program was sponsored by

“It’s all about the marketing approach. If you don’t have enough barrels to meet demands, you have to take a non traditional approach to introduce your beer to the masses.” [10:00]

–Zach Mack on Beer Sessions Radio

“I love to make things available to the public. there’s a stigma around wine that it’s snoody or you need to know a lot about it to enjoy it – that’s just not true.” [16:00]

— Tess Rose Lampert on Beer Sessions Radio