Dave Arnold and Nastassia jump right in this week to a listener's question about his outdoor barbecue in Sweden and Dave gives a million suggestions for improvements (outdoor deep fryer). We also discuss various techniques and products for dissolving a white film on a juicer and find out why pressure cookers that don't vent produce a better stock. Later on Dave answers a listener question about substituting beef fat for suet and we find out the difference between Ultrasperse and Wondra. This program was brought to you by MolecularRecipes.com.


"Pressure cooker stocks come out browner than regular stocks" [25:00]

"When I'm cooking with extremely spicy peppers I always lick the utensil or tool I was using after it gets washed to make sure its no longer spicy and was washed correctly" [51:00]

"Get the widest container you have and pour your stock into a very thin layer. It will cool more quickly this way." [59:00]

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues