Birke Baehr is a organic food advocate. He's a published author who has presented his message on large stages including a TED Talk, which currently has 1 million hits online. Oh, yeah, he's also 14-years-old. The young advocate spoke with Sari Kamin on this episode of HRN Community Session. Hear how he began investigating high fructose corn syrup when he was 8-years-old, and what was running through his mind when he gave his TED Talk at 11-years-old. Now, Baehr spends his time supporting local farmers, protesting GMOs and speaking out against the current state of the industrialized food system. His ultimate goal? To become an organic farmer. Whether it's going to the grocery store and combing through ingredients on food labels or working on his next book, Baehr is the voice of the next generation of sustainable advocacy. This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures

"Food is such an important basis in our daily life, to not know anything about it is just crazy." [29:00]

"They sort of look like periodic elements rather than things that should be in the food." [6:00]

"On the face of everything, so happy, you have certain food brands will have the big pictures of farms on their label so their cereal boxes or they'll have cartoon boxes that will try to appeal to younger crowds or kids and its just so happy and more welcoming than what it actually is." [08:00]

"Why is something in our food that can kill us?" [05:00]

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