Jesse Schenker has amassed an impressive culinary history on his way to becoming executive chef and owner
of Recette, the urban, contemporary American restaurant which opened in New York's Greenwich Village in January of 2010. Just months after its opening, Recette received glowing two-star reviews from both the New York Times and New York Magazine. Sam Sifton also called Recette one of his favorite newcomers of 2010, particularly noting Schenker's Salt Cod Fritters as "one of the 15 best things" he ate in NYC in 2010. Tune in to this week's episode of In the Drink as Joe Campanele chats with Jesse about current wine trends he's seeing and his culinary roots. Find out how his beginnings in Miami brought him to where he is now, and learn about the inspirations behind the food and drink at Recette. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"The guys that I really respect in the industry are Riesling nuts. There's definitely a misconception about Riseling. It's perfect for Recette food, because we do a lot of crudos and salads - the pairing works." 12:00

--Jesse Schenker of Recette on In the Drink