Taste Washington is an annual event, that brings the top winemakers from the state into Seattle to celebrate the diversity and depth of the young (the industry only really started there 40 years ago) but increasingly renowned grape growing landscape. Because the growing regions are so far flung, it's an awesome opportunity to meet and talk to many producers all at once.

Gilles Nicault, Long Shadows

A collaborative winery in the Columbia Valley, established by Allen Shoup, puts to use Washington state's tremendous diversity by calling on the talents of 7 different winemakers from around the world. One, John Duval brings decades of experience of working with shiraz in Australia to make expressive syrahs in Walla Walla. MIchel Rolland from Bordeaux does the same for merlot. Gilles Nicault oversees the entire project from riesling to tuscan reds varieties, expanding the opportunities for insightful pairings, from Copper River Salmon with Sangiovese to Venison with Cabernet Sauvignon.