This week on The Speakeasy, Damon is joined by friend and fellow bartender/musician Kevin Denton of WD-50 and The Crooners. Damon and Kevin talk shop and discuss everything from modern beverage programs, dirty martinis and Vietnamese-influenced cocktails. Hear what it’s like working at a technologically-minded operation such as WD-50 and juggling a life as a musician at the same time! This program was brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

“Beverage programs are now more than just the wines you offer. Every space needs a beverage director and a cocktail program and you have to meet certain expectations. It’s a lot harder than pouring stuff in a glass and saying ‘this is new.’ “

“The way I approach bartending generally is if you know what you like and order what you like – then by god you should get what you like.”

“If I was to drink every mistake I’ve ever made – I’d be long dead.”

–Kevin Denton of WD-50 & The Crooners on The Speakeasy