It’s Cider Week in NYC and Jimmy talks to a number of industry experts. Jenn Smith from the NY Cider Association, Eleanor Leger of Eden Cider, Kyle Sherrer from Graft Cider, Gidon Coll from Original Sin, and Ron Sansone of Spoke and Spy Cider gather around in the studio. They have lots to say about celebrating orchards, pairing cider with food, and the relationship between cider, beer, and wine. Michelle McGrath, the Executive Director of the US Cider Association, calls to talk about the support cider needs to grow as an industry. Mike Beck from Uncle John’s Cider Mill in Michigan dials in next to discuss what styles and marketing strategies are gaining traction. When people think cider, usually one style comes to mind and that’s what these industry leaders want to change. Tune in to The State of Cider: Part 2 to learn more about cider’s diversity.




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