Food Talk is back for the new fall season while Mike Colameco is back for the pizza! After a quick run down of his summer out of the city, Mike is on the line with Tom Acitelli, author of the book “American Wine: A Coming-of-Age Story.” Rehashing highlights from the book explaining the evolution of American fine wine bumping France from atop its centuries-old pedestal as the world’s top wine-producing and drinking nation, Mike and Tom go back and forth on the big players in the wine world that made this domestic rise come to fruition. In the second half of the show, Mike welcomes acclaimed food writer Nancy Jenkins and her master chef daughter Sara talking about their new book “The Four Seasons of Pasta.” A cookbook devoted to simple, everyday pasta recipes, drawn from their own backgrounds in Italy (where they’ve lived, cooked, studied, and worked), tune in as they celebrate the Italian native that has become a beloved American staple.